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Finance, investment, industrial construction, construction of infrastructure facilities, H&R management, registration and re-registration of legal entities, AIFC law, compliance.
We will help you register your company IN the AIFC and obtain a license for your business.

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About the company
Law Council Group is a professional legal firm that specializes in providing comprehensive legal services in the field of commercial activities. Our team consists of qualified lawyers and business consultants with academic degrees and practical experience.
We guarantee transparent pricing, our service fees are based on a fair assessment.
We provide qualified legal assistance and consultations based on the project-based and subscription-based legal service system
Moreover, we ensure confidentiality and guarantee that all confidential information about you and your company will only be used for your purposes and will never leave our company. We value our reputation and are ready to provide our clients with high-quality service aimed at achieving their goals
Our services
Registration/Authorization/Accreditation of the company 'turnkey'.
  • Development of a business plan and charter documents
  • Presentation of charter goals
  • Personnel audit
  • Consulting
  • Opening a company bank account
  • Organization of accounting and auditing services
  • Providing a legal address
The company provides legal services in the field of infrastructure and industrial construction
  • Development and approval of pre-FEED and FEED contracts
  • Preparation of EPC and related contracts (EPs, EPC(M))
  • Preparation of FIDIC construction contracts
  • Development and approval of licensing agreements with owners
  • Preparation and participation in the approval of EPC attachments, regulations, and procedures
  • Coordination with Russian and international project lenders and banks
  • Participation in the development of ITB packages when selecting EPC contractors
  • Consulting on customs and tax issues
  • Consulting on dispute resolution in EPC projects, EPC claim management, or claim management.
Corporate Law
  • M&A deals; merger and acquisition
  • Reorganization: transformation, spin-off
  • Legal Due diligence
Advantages for businesses in AIFC
Our clients can benefit from the advantage of a 20% corporate income tax exemption and a 10% foreign employee income tax exemption, which can add up to a savings of up to 30%
Tax incentives
Provides an opportunity to carry out currency transactions in the Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC) without the need for lengthy bank checks.
Flexible exchange rate regime
In case of commercial disputes in the Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC), they are reviewed by English judges and/or international arbitrators/mediators in the shortest possible terms, which ensures a fast and effective resolution of disputes.
Effective dispute resolution
Business options in AIFC
Registration of a new company in (AIFC)
Opening a branch in AIFC
Pursuant to the AIFC Companies Regulations (Article 179-6), a director is a nominee director if he is obliged to act on the instructions and instructions of another person, notwithstanding his duties as a director to the company as set forth in Article 76 of the same regulations. The company must, however, keep a register of nominee directors, which will be kept by the Registrar. The nominee director shall inform the company that he is a nominee and provide information about himself to the register of nominee directors within the time limits set by the regulations. Violation of these deadlines is punishable by a fine. In addition, the nominee director must also notify the company that he/she has ceased to be one within 30 days after termination of his/her powers.

The role of a Nominee Director in the AIFC
Advantages of working with us
Our specialists are experienced lawyers and business consultants with higher education and practical experience.
Expert team to solve your business challenges
We provide services at fair prices.
Transparent prices for legal services
Our representatives and partners work in major international cities.
We provide services on an international level
We offer qualified legal assistance on a project and subscription basis.
Complex support
AIFC Astana and the International Arbitration Center.
Access to English Justice
We guarantee the confidentiality of all information provided to us in the course of providing legal services.
Privacy Guarantee
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